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Tuesday Cheese Curds: Money tells the story


NFL: Minnesota Vikings at Green Bay Packers
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Following the money in the NFL is a full-time pursuit.

Money makes the NFL world go ‘round, and getting fans to judge every move by how it impacts the salary cap was one of the sneakiest things the league has ever done. Think about it: whether teams are spending a lot or a little, they can spin it as a win. Drop big money in free agency, shelling out huge money for guys that at least one team already decided they didn’t want? We’re winning! We’re aggressive! Pinch pennies and play hardball with players? We’re trying to be cap-conscious and pay as we go. Don’t want to end up in a cap crunch!

It’s an especially funny development considering every team’s payroll is more than fully covered by the league’s TV deals. Teams can cry poverty or spend freely, but the cash is all flowing from the same well-stocked pot. Just something to remember as the free agency wears on.

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