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Triple H Reveals Which WWE Star He Regrets Not Feuding With


Triple H and Rey Mysterio rarely interacted despite being top stars and working for WWE for a long time.

The Game and the Biggest Little Man were never featured on a program together or even in a single one-on-one match, for reasons that may have included being on different brands, injuries, or heel/face alignment at the time.

Speaking with LadBible, WWE’s Chief Content Officer expressed his regret not working with Rey more. 

“I always wanted to work with Rey Mysterio. I think I’ve been in the ring with him twice [in] my entire career. There’s certain guys like that…We just never ended up in the same place in the same storylines”

“I’ve thrown it out there a lot over the years of like, ‘Hey, what if Rey and I did something?’. But he was always on SmackDown [while] I was on Raw or vice versa. It just never panned out but he’s always a guy that I always thought ‘Man, I would have loved to have gone and done something big with him’”.

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