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Top WWE Star Says Wrestler Should Be Banned for Referee Incident at Weekend Indie Show


Veteran WWE Superstar says The Blood Hunter (aka Hannibal, Devon Nicholson) should be banned from pro wrestling for the weekend incident with a referee at an indie event in Texas.

As noted, The Blood Hunter was defending the Texas Heavyweight Title against Carlito at Saturday’s World Class Revolution event in Irving, TX. There was an angle where Hannibal attacked referee Lando Deltoro, stabbing him in the head with a spike. Deltoro has admitted that he agreed to bleed in the spot, but that Hannibal went too far. Deltoro was taken to a local hospital, and it was revealed that he suffered a torn artery in his head. Deltoro has stated that the incident was “defiantly not a work” and that the angle went “way off the rails.”.

In an update, The Miz spoke with TMZ Sports and was asked about the incident. He said he’d be in favor of a lifetime ban for Hannibal.

“You don’t do that stuff, that didn’t look like a mistake. Accidents happen,” The Miz said. “But I don’t get stabbed with like a knife or whatever the hell the guy had.”

The World Class Revolution promotion has banned Hannibal from all future events.

Hannibal posted a video to his YouTube page to explain his side of the story, but that video has since been made private. He noted that Deltoro was hired to officiate the match because he was expected to bleed. He also said the spike didn’t appear to be sharp, and that he believed Deltoro bladed himself. Hannibal also said Deltoro never indicated he was being hurt, and that he had trouble seeing what was happening due to his own mask. Deltoro said he had no way of telling Hannibal to stop, adding that the wrestler was too big and too powerful to get any words out before he eventually slipped out of consciousness.

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