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Tony Khan Calls The Northeast The Crown Jewel Of Wrestling Markets: “Not Some BS Overseas in Saudi Arabia”


AEW President Tony Khan recently spoke with News12 to hype up tomorrow’s Grand Slam Dynamite event from Arthur Ashe Stadium, one of the company’s biggest televised events of the year and now their largest televised gate of all time.

During the interview Khan took some not so subtle shots at WWE by calling the Northeast region of the U.S. the “Crown Jewel” of wrestling markets, then referred to WWE Crown Jewel as a BS show in Saudi Arabia. Check out Khan’s full comments below.

How AEW is running a lot of great shows in the Northeast region of the United States:

“We’re running a lot of great shows around the Northeast. It’s so many great wrestling markets in one geographic region. I’ll say it: (it’s) the crown jewel of wrestling markets.”

“The real crown jewel of wrestling markets, not some BS overseas in Saudi Arabia. The real crown jewel — New York City — is where you want to be.”

(H/T and transcribed by F4Wonline)

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