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Toni Storm Wants To Face Thunder Rosa and End The Interim Championship Nonsense


AEW superstar and current interim women’s champion Toni Storm spoke with Bleacher Report about a wide range of topics, including how she wants to face the official women’s champion Thunder Rosa, who has been out of action due to injury. Storm is unhappy with being called the interim champion, and wants to put an end to that nonsense by officially dethroning Rosa at some point. Highlights from the interview are below.

Says she is ready to beat Thunder Rosa and end the interim nonsense:

“I guess my first thing would be to beat Thunder Rosa and stop this interim nonsense. That’s kind of what’s been bothering me. I think that’s been bothering a lot of people because she’s still calling herself the AEW women’s world champion and I’m the one here every week doing the work.”

Says her main focus is to be a strong champion for the promotion:

“Right now. I guess it’s about being a good champion, being a strong champion. That’s what I’m up against every day. I’m working harder than I ever had in my entire career. The time is now. I look at every week as just an opportunity to prove myself. I love giving it my all and who knows where we go from here? But all I know is I’m gonna continue to work hard.”

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