Tommy Dreamer Talks His Performance Against Rich Swann At IMPACT No Surrender, Says He’ll Most Likely Be Stepping Away From An On-Camera Role


IMPACT star Tommy Dreamer was the latest guest on Busted Open Radio to discuss his performance against Rich Swann at this weekend’s No Surrender special, where the ECW legend unsuccessfully challenged for the world title. Dreamer goes on to praise Swann for his performance in their bout, then later reveals that he’ll most likely be stepping away from an on-camera role. Highlights are below.

Says he wishes he had more gas in the tank but praises Swann for his performance in their match:

I wish I had a little more gas in the tank. The match went 17-18 minutes. I’m most proud of…neither of us threw a punch. The fact that we could keep people’s interest for the longest time and neither of us threw a punch, kudos to Rich and the match. There was glimmers that I loved. I was sucking wind. I haven’t blown up since the early 90s. Without fans, you have no clue. Adrenaline is nothing. When the thing happened with my finger, if there were fans there, I probably would’ve kept going. It was a combination of a kick to the head, finger killing me, I just needed a break and needed water.

Says it’s harder to do the work without the adrenaline fan rush and discusses stepping back from on-camera stuff:

I’ve been put through tables and fallen off buildings, but the crowd rush with that, the performance gets brought out. Without fans there, I’m like, ‘what the hell is going on with my body.’ I don’t want to say this is goodbye, but I’ll be stepping away from on-camera stuff for a bit. There’s so much more stories to be told. I had my great moment and unless WWE and Drew McIntyre, on my 51st birthday, I’ll face him.

(H/T and transcribed by Fightful)

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