TNA is Reportedly prepared to leave Destination America in September


According to the latest edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, TNA is reportedly prepared to leave Destination American in September should the network’s parent company, Discovery, carry through with their plans to cancel “IMPACT WRESTLING.

Dave Meltzer, who was the first person to report that “IMPACT WRESTLING” was likely going to get canceled in September and was immediately ostracized by TNA management for it, claims that TNA executives are now letting talent know that they’re already looking for new television outlets to broadcast their TV show. This indicates to the locker room that all the rumors surrounding Discovery and TNA are likely true.

TNA has also reportedly told talent that they are in the process of changing their business model. While they would struggle to keep their doors open if they never found another network to air their programming, TNA is telling talent that the income they bring in from their international deals will at least keep them alive while they search for a new domestic network.

The TNA office seemingly believes that they’ll be able to keep going because they’ve trimmed a lot of the more expensive talent contracts down, and eliminated their biggest paychecks all together. Also, there is belief that some kind of deal has happened between the offices of TNA Wrestling and Global Force Wrestling. By deal, that means something bigger than just an invasion angle.

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