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Titans 2023 NFL draft rumors


Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl - Ohio State v Georgia
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It’s silly season!

We have entered the time of year when you have to be careful what you believe. From now through the NFL Draft in April, there are going to be all kind of crazy reports. Some of them will come from teams trying to push an agenda. Some of them will come from agents trying to help a player. Some of them will actually be true.

Just this last week I have seen people on Twitter saying that the Tennessee Titans are one of two teams that have inquired about trading up to get the number one pick and that the Titans are targeting CJ Stroud. Could Ran Carthon have called the Chicago Bears to ask what it would take to get to #1? Absoultely he could have, but it could also be the Bears trying to motivate the Houston Texans and/or Indianapolis Colts to come with an offer.

All of that to say, take everything you hear this time of year with a grain of salt. Make sure to really investigate the reports you see to understand if they have any hidden agenda behind what they are reporting.

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