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Tiger Ruas In Talks With NJPW, Says He’s Hoping To Be Signed By AEW


Pro-wrestling star Tiger Ruas (fka as Arturo Ruas’ in NXT) recently appeared on the All Real Wrestling Podcast to discuss his free agency, and how he’s been in contact with several companies including NJPW. Highlights from the interview are below.

Says he is in talks with NJPW, as well as a few other companies:

Yes, I am actually talking to New Japan, and talking to another company soon like IMPACT too and it’s just talk for now. I wanna be, as I said, in the mix and I believe those companies, they have the top athletes. IMPACT, New Japan, MLW and I know that those companies, they have in their tops, the best athletes and I want to be one of them so, I am a free agent, I am negotiating with the companies. I’m talking to them and I’m just waiting to [find an] opening, the best place to be but, let’s see. Let’s see the next chapter. I’m very positive to be [in a promotion] soon enough and one of them, signed.

On working an AEW Dark taping and how he hopes to be signed by AEW:

I believe that I deserve to be part of the top-level athletes in pro wrestling because I am one of the best too so AEW’s the place. I came there, I did my match with Cezar [Bononi], it was amazing. I had another opportunity to showcase myself. I did a match when I won with just a kick and the match with PAC. PAC, I always was a big fan of him. Amazing athlete, amazing fighter and I had a match with him, was like… like Josh Barnett, dream match for me was having [a] match with him and I learned a lot from him and [it] was amazing so, I just wanna be there to be contributing with the pro wrestling business and with the company, that’s it. It’s simple and I’m wishing now to be signed with AEW. It’s like that’s my main goal now.

(H/T and transcribed by Post Wrestling)

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