Threatened, the ASSE coach is arrested in the locker room


Despite a rebound at the start of the year, ASSE fell back into its traps with two defeats in a row, the last of which was in Bastia (0-2). A situation that again places Laurent Batlles in an uncomfortable position for his future. But Jean-Philippe Krasso ensures that the locker room has not let go of its coach.

After a very active transfer window, theASSE believed to be on the right track for its maintenance with two victories in a row. But the Greens have clearly fallen back into their ways, as evidenced by the defeat conceded against Sochaux while they were leading 10 minutes from the end (2-3), then that in Bastia (0-2), more worrying in terms of the game. Consequently, as revealed by, Laurent Batlles is in the hot seat and a loss against Annecy could lead to his dismissal. However, Jean-Philippe Krasso ensures that the locker room is always behind his coach.

“Yes it’s a no match”

Yes it’s a non-match, they put on intensity, aggressiveness, as the match progressed we were unable to respond to this challenge. We tried to put ingredients too but that wasn’t enough, the solutions for this match, I don’t know. The next match is coming quickly, we will have to use this meeting with our strengths and our weaknesses. We saw our weaknesses tonight, we will have to erase them against Annecy. We have to do more aggressively and mentally, it was direct play and duels tonight, on that side, they ate us, the match was played there, we didn’t have enough of respondent. Everyone is aware of where we are and what to do to get out of there. We talk and everything, but on the field there are also opponents who are fighting, they are not going to leave us the game. Everyone is aware of the situation, there are things that don’t work for us, we don’t want to be there, we want to get out of there as soon as possible “, confides the top scorer of theASSE in the mixed zone before continuing.

“We are behind him”

Tonight, we realize that the defeat in Sochaux hurts even more! Zero points out of six in two games hurts. In the standings it is still playable, we are within shooting range but we need this victory, we will have to raise the cursor on aggressiveness, it will not be easy, Annecy will come to get a result. The locker room is concerned and stays behind the coach, we listen to what he says and we try to apply. It’s not him who is on the field, it’s not him who goes to the duel, he doesn’t decide on the aggressiveness that we don’t put on! We are behind him, this is not the time to let go and not believe in his stuff. We listen to what he says and we try to do the best we can. Losses hurt your head », adds Jean-Philippe Krasso.

Threatened, the ASSE coach is arrested in the locker room 24hfootnews.

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