Thomas Levet beaten at Pebble, but happy


Inspired by the AT&T pro-am at Pebble Beach, the Portuguese rendezvous is on the road to success far exceeding the level assumed by the 330,000 euros of its endowment. As for the pros, seniors (50 years and over) for the most part, often with a CV rich in success to evolve in the American Champions Tour or the European Legends.

Thomas Levet, results

Thomas Levet can talk to you about it at length, something he forgot for the space of six hours, battling to win the title of the Pro-Am disputed in alliance with Oomer Asif whose most obvious quality was his hcp 24 and the two blows received on certain holes. You have to and it’s part of the game.

Long led by the Broadhurst/Pourrain duo, then by Quiros/de Pawl, Campbell/Drossart took the lead in the pro-am three holes from goal.

It was noticed, with this Michael Campbell winner of the US Open 2005 and Eric Drossart in the Davis Cup for Belgium for twelve years, noting that this golf madman celebrates his 81st birthday on February 21.

But, on their last three holes, Campbell signed a big zero with a 7 to 18. If his teammate saved the house in -1 at the same time, the team remained at an insufficient total of -27 for the pro-am tournament or 135 in stableford.

In his doubles affair, Thomas Levet let the British invade the top 5 of the individual where only one tenor made a “remontada”. Jiménez came in 3rd position at -11 like Phil Archer, just behind Gary Orr and two shots behind the untouchable Paul Broadhurst with his 68 of the day for -13.

His check for 55,000 euros will no doubt convince his American friends from the Champions Tour to stop at Quinta do Lago in 2024 on the road to the Hassan II Trophy in Rabat, just to make up for the jet lag pleasantly.

Thomas Jean Roger Levet is a French professional golfer, member of the European Tour and former member of the PGA Tour.

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