The Young Bucks Explain Why They Booked The Match Against FTR Now, How They Were WWE Fans Growing Up, Writing Their New Book


AEW superstars Matt and Nick Jackson, better known as the Young Bucks, were recently interviewed by the Wrestling Observer to promote their new book, and explain why they booked the dream match against FTR now instead of waiting for fans. Highlights are below.

How they did not want to have a ghostwriter for their book:

MATT: “I started formatting the book and was thinking how Nick and I were going to split this up because they (publisher) didn’t have any idea. They were leaving it up to us. One thing they said from the beginning was we are going to give you a ghostwriter. I said, no. They said you don’t understand how hard this is. I said our entire career has been DIY and I’m not going to let somebody write our story for us. They were taken aback a little bit and said ok.”

How they were WWE fans when they were kids:

“That was our first goal when we were just getting into wrestling. What we wanted was to be WWE wrestlers, or WWF at the time. We were big fans. I remember I got in bad trouble at school because, and I didn’t know at the time as I was seven years old at the time, but I told my teacher to suck it and crotch chopped him. He said, ‘You can’t do that. Go to the principal.’ My parents had to explain that I was a massive wrestling fan and I didn’t know what that actually meant. We were huge WWF fans. That’s all we ever wanted to do and it changed. I can remember the first time we were extras, probably in 2007. Just being in that environment felt so different and weird. It was nothing we envisioned that we really wanted. I remember leaving that day and I called Matt. I said, ‘I don’t actually like this feeling.’ I don’t know if I want to be a WWE wrestler anymore because of the environment back there. Our course for what we wanted in our career changed, but at the time that’s all we ever wanted to be was WWE wrestlers.”

Why they booked the tag match against FTR now instead of waiting:

“You don’t want to save everything especially in this pandemic era. We were trying to save things like the FTR match. We were trying to milk that until we got fans back into the building but at one point, we were like, we don’t know when the world is going to get back together. We can’t hold this anymore. Tony (Khan) said, ‘We are doing it. We have to do it.’ He booked it for Full Gear.”

(H/T and transcribed by Wrestling News)

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