The very surprising track for PSG


PSG would prepare an offer for … Harry Maguire, for an estimated amount of 50 million pounds, indicates The Sun.

After Milan Skriniar’s false start last winter to PSG, the meeting had been postponed to a few months. The capital club would then recruit the solid 28-year-old central defender without paying transfer fees, the Inter player’s contract due to end on June 30.

This is the plan reported at a time, not so long ago, by many media. The Sun, for its part, advance Thursday information a little more surprising, not to say puzzling. The most popular of British daily newspapers evokes Harry Maguire!

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The Manchester United English central defender could be the subject of an offer from PSG for the summer transfer window. And The Sun advance the rather substantial sum of 56 million euros. The day after a new Parisian fiasco on the European scenethe temptation of rumors is probably stronger.

Maguire, the easy target of the networks

While the hypotheses of seeing the Parisian leaders embark, once again, on a major cleaning, the Maguire track is struggling to pass. The ex-Red Devils captain has seen his ratings plummet in recent years as mockery intensifies about his level of play.

Although he retains a certain ability to exist in duels, Harry Maguire worries the supporters, more than he reassures them. And those of PSG, at the moment, do not need a new blow to the head.

The very surprising track for PSG 24hfootnews.

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