‘The unmistakable style of Rafael Nadal allows…’, says photographer


From Melbourne Park to Bois de Boulogne. Surpassing the series of twenty consecutive victories in Slam and the semifinal in Wimbledon. It has been an extraordinary season for Rafael Nadal, highlighted by pearls number twenty-one and twenty-two at the Majors and only marred by a difficult season finale. Not only on the court, since since the Us Open he has practically stopped winning. However, during a very long interview with Marca, the Spanish phenomenon managed to analyze everything with his usual incredible lucidity. “The first part of my season was incredible, exciting, because I came from five very complicated months and my foot was still not good. Also, before Abu Dhabi I had covid and I had to stay at home for ten days before I could train again. It’s no coincidence that a couple of days after arriving in Australia I wasn’t even quite sure I could play. Then I started to play well, but I never would have imagined that I could win the tournament. I think it was one of the most exciting matches of my career,” he explained. Despite the injury in Indian Wells, which reportedly jeopardized his victory in the final against an equally injured Taylor Fritz, Nadal found the strength to win in Paris for the 14th time as well. “Yes, but in a somewhat unexpected way, since I left Rome with a limp. It is clear that if the doctors had not found a solution to alleviate the pain, I would not have been able to play and obviously not even win the tournament. I came to Paris with pretty poor preparation, but I had won the Australian Open and I knew that I could use that energy in the big matches to do well. Like I did in the quarterfinals against Djokovic, for example. 

Dan Himbrechts pays tribute to Nadal

A Sydney-based news and sports photographer was recently in awe of Rafael Nadal after photographing him ahead of the 2023 United Cup. “Rafa… an absolute pleasure to photograph Rafael Nadal of Spain during a practice session today, ahead of the start of the United Cup tennis tournament in Sydney. The unmistakable style of Rafa allows the unspoken photographer’s rule of ‘no ball, no picture’ to be broken. He makes everything look good.” Rafael Nadal discussed the 2023 United Cup during a press conference: “Well, it’s always different when you play like team. We are used to play on Davis Cup or Fed Cup I think. I mean, is nothing 100% new, but at the same time it’s the first time that we share forces between men, women. Different story for us. Going to be exciting,” the Spaniard said.

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