The Undertaker Reveals That Andre The Giant Wanted To Work With Him


The Undertaker sat down for a chat with The New York Post ahead of his big match with Triple H at Super Showdown. He revealed some surprising news. While Andre the Giant wasn’t particularly fond of many other big men in the wrestling industry, he not only took a liking to Taker, but had a plan in mind for an angle. Here’s the quote:

“He liked me and, you know, I guess we always think we got one [match] left in us, you know. Andre would repeatedly tell me ‘One day, kid, me and you. I have this idea’. Whenever I’d ask him about it, he wouldn’t tell me what the idea was.

A good friend of mine to this day, his name is Tim White, he drove Andre around, he was one of the referees, and I had asked Tim all the time: ‘Did he ever tell you?’ I would ask and he’d never tell me.

He was old school in that because he didn’t want anyone else to do it because he thought he was going to get to a point where he could get back in the ring and we could do something that would be a big deal.

No one knows what it was, but you know, he ended up passing away and he never let me know. I wonder to this day, ‘Man, I bet it was good.’”

It seems that Andre had grandiose plans for what any wrestling fan would consider one of the top dream matches in history. Unfortunately, this was a secret that Andre took to his grave.

Undertaker: One secret Andre the Giant took to his grave

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