The tackle of Jonathan Clauss to the Parisians


After having ridiculed them on the ground, the Marseillais continue to martyrize the Parisians behind the scenes.

Tudor’s OM struck a blow in the middle of the week by dominating PSG in the Coupe de France (2-1). A first success at home against the hated rival for 12 years and which the Olympians fully savored. Friday, during the pre-match against Clermont, it was also always discussed at a press conference.

OM does not set limits

Jonathan Clauss appeared in front of the journalists to address this confrontation against the Clermontois. And the former lensois could not help but send a spade to the players of the capital. “Against Clermont, it’s the type of match you have to win to stay at the top. He’s an ultra-complicated opponent to play, perhaps more so than Wednesday against Paris. You have to be vigilant, have desire and generosity. We don’t want to miss it,” he said.

A 11e of the championship more dangerous than the leader? It is debatable, but it is perhaps for this reason that the Phocaeans are not afraid to aim for the top and believe in a national consecration next May. Clauss still: “In this jersey, we want to play for the title, that’s obvious. Are we cut out for? I don’t know. We focus on ourselves and as the coach says, we don’t care about others. It’s not because we beat Paris in the cup that it’s done. We have to get back on the Ligue 1 train, be consistent and efficient”.

If OM sets the bar so high, it’s also because they can count on the support of an audience that’s still just as loyal and fervent. Clauss did not fail to underline the importance of this: “The atmosphere was extraordinary (Wednesday, editor’s note), even more so with the victory. We have a huge audience behind us, we obviously want to surpass ourselves even more”.

The tackle of Jonathan Clauss to the Parisians 24hfootnews.

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