the superb anecdote of Fati on his debut and the support of Messi!


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Ansu Fati was able to count on the support of Leo Messi on his debut. In 2019, the Spanish international made his mark at Barca with a whirlwind outbreak. After remarkable performances in training, the winger convinced Federico Valverde to give him his first minutes as a pro against Real Bétis. In a short time, Ansu Fati has become the darling of the fans and the prospect called upon to take over from Leo Messi. In the columns of France Soccer, the winger also told a striking anecdote about the brand new world champion. The Argentinian international had taken the young player under his wing.

“After my debut game against Betis Sevilla, Leo waited for us in the locker room to congratulate us on the victory. When I arrived, to my surprise, he took me in his arms! The team photographer took a picture of the two of us and then Leo put it on his Instagram. With all the subscribers he has, of course, lots of people liked the image and started following me. After that, I got millions of notifications on my cell phone, it was crazy. I will never forget this gesture, I will be eternally grateful to him. That a player of his size does that is something very important to me. I keep the photo preciously at home, forever. I remember Ronaldinho backing him up a bit the same way when he started out. He did the same with me. This was a real source of additional motivation for me. »

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Ansu Fati told a great anecdote about his debut with Barca in 2019. The Spanish international revealed that Leo Messi waited for him in the halls of Camp Nou to congratulate him on hugging him.

the superb anecdote of Fati on his debut and the support of Messi! 24hfootnews.

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