the succulent bonus that Real Madrid wants to offer Kylian Mbappé


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“Are we not talking about my future? So much the better. I’m happy, I have a contract, next year I’ll be there and I’ll be very happy.”. These were the words of Kylian Mbappé during the UNFP trophy ceremony on Sunday evening. Even if football has proven to us that turnarounds exist and will always exist, the Parisian star should therefore not leave the club this summer.

And this, while the news concerning his optional year, which will not be activated by the principal concerned, has been making headlines in the Iberian media for several days. It is now clearer than ever: if Mbappé were to join Real Madrid, or any other interested club, it would therefore be for 2024 or later, and not for this summer.

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A juicy bounty

This does not prevent the Spanish press from continuing to publish information on the Bondynois, day and night. This time it’s Defense Central which says a little more. The pro-Madrid media remains in line with what is being said at the moment, but specifies that this time, Pérez is ready to bring out the heavy artillery in the event that Mbappé were to say yes.

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The boss of Real Madrid would thus be ready to pay 80 million euros in signing bonus for the Bondynois, which would cost nothing in transfer compensation. In return, Mbappé should sign a pre-contract with this famous penalty clause, which would oblige him to compensate the people of Madrid for this same sum if he finally came to commit elsewhere. The train will therefore come back again, and with a nice gift as well…

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