The Saudis Threatened by Al-Qaeda Over WWE, WWE Executive Fired Over Wife’s Anti-Islam Tweets


– The Independent reports that the Yemen-based branch of Al-Qaeda has threatened Saudi Arabia’s crown prince Mohammed bin Salman for “opening the door wide for corruption and moral degradation” by allowing cinemas and WWE into the country. The terrorist group has sent a warning to the crown prince, calling his efforts to liberalize the Kingdom as “sinful projects.”

It appears Al-Qaeda is especially upset with WWE’s Greatest Royal Rumble event that took place in April.

“[Foreign] disbelieving wrestlers exposed their privates and on most of them was the sign of the cross, in front of a mixed gathering of young Muslim men and women,” the warning from Al-Qaeda said.

– The Huffington Post has an article on anti-Muslim Twitter user Amy Mek, who has been exposed as Amy Mekelburg of New York. The story notes that Amy’s husband, Salvatore “Sal” Siino, started working for WWE in February 2017 as the Senior Vice President of Global Content Distribution and Business Development. Siino was recently fired when Amy’s anti-Islam twitter activity was exposed. Mekelburg allegedly told a former friend that WWE knew about her @AmyMek Twitter account and asked Siino to keep his connection to his wife quiet.

The Huffington Post approached WWE with their findings last Thursday and were told, “This is the first time we’re hearing about Amy Mekelburg.” The Post asked WWE again last Friday if they knew of @AmyMek before hiring Siino and WWE responded with a statement on Siino’s departure.

“No,” said the WWE spokesperson. “Now that it has come to our attention, Sal Siino is no longer an employee.”

Melekburg was still active on Twitter this week, despite being exposed by The Huffington Post, and was blaming the reporter for WWE’s decision to fire Siino. The Post noted that Siino was negotiating WWE deals in the Middle East while his wife was leading an anti-Muslim movement on social media.

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