The Saudis’ big announcement about Messi


After having paid for the services of Cristiano Ronaldo, the Saudi leaders are determined to bring Lionel Messi into their championship.

A football manager from Saudi Arabia reacted to rumors that Lionel Messi could be heading to his national championship.

Will Messi join Cristiano Ronaldo?

Many rumors have recently reported that the star of PSG, Messi, could be the subject of a multimillion-dollar offer similar to that which allowed Cristiano Ronaldo to join Al-Nassr. In its edition of the day, the daily L’Equipe confirmed this approach, while specifying that nothing has been done regarding the extension of the Pulga among the champions of France.

Ibrahim Alkassim, the general secretary of the Saudi Football Federation, hinted that Messi will not immediately follow suit but nothing is ruled out for the future. “At the moment we don’t know anything about a possible arrival of Lionel Messi,” Alkassim said in an interview with Marca.

The Saudi football official still conceded that he dreams of reuniting Messi and Ronaldo in the same league for the first time since the latter left Real Madrid in 2018. “I do not hide that as the Saudi Federation, we would like to have him (Messi) one day in the national championship, continued Alkassim. The idea of ​​the Federation is always to improve our football, and of course we would like to see Cristiano and Messi again in the same league, but the truth is that we don’t know anything at the moment. »

The Saudis’ big announcement about Messi 24hfootnews.

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