The Rock reveals his daughter is training to become a professional wrestler


During a recent interview on Good Morning America, former World Champion The Rock revealed that his daughter is training to become a professional wrestler.

After this, WWE’s Cathey Kelley caught up with the great one during the New York City premiere of his Skyscraper movie and asked about his daughter’s training.

Answering the question, the Rock revealed that she became a fan of the sport after watching his run with the company 5 years ago where he had a long feud with John Cena.

Continuing on the topic, he revealed that his daughter is putting in a lot of effort to familiarise herself with the business and claimed that he would never have imagined this:

Your (his daugther’s) job is to make sure you understand the business of professional wrestling. Top to bottom, 360 degrees. Know everybody’s job from promo all the way down to wrestler, everything. Having that mindset has been great, all the studying she’s been doing, all the conversations we’ve been having. I never would have imagined that and it’s such a cool, cool thing.

You can check out the Rock’s comment in the video below:

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