The Riott Squad Talks WWE Super Show-Down Match, Liv Morgan on Being Cleared to Compete


Liv Morgan spoke with The Mirror this week and confirmed that she is 100% cleared to compete at WWE Super Show-Down in Australia on Saturday.

Morgan suffered a concussion while taking kicks from Brie Bella on RAW two weeks ago but she was cleared this past Monday. The Riott Squad is set to face The Bella Twins and RAW Women’s Champion Ronda Rousey at Super Show-Down in Melbourne, Australia this weekend.

“I’m 100% cleared by the WWE doctors”, said Morgan, who was also quick to praise the men and women who work behind-the-scenes to look after the well-being of the WWE Superstars. “They took great care of me. They have a very extensive concussion protocol, which we followed 100% and luckily I am feeling fantastic and we are ready to win.”

The Mirror also spoke with Ruby Riott and Sarah Logan about Saturday’s match. The group added that they are best friends off-camera. Logan said “the streak will be retained” on Saturday.

“We’re going to get a little retribution, we’re going to teach them a lesson and teach them whose locker room this is,” said Riott.

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