the Press Review of March 20 live!


Do you like the Foot Mercato Press Review? Well, prolong the fun by coming to discuss it with us on Twitch! Our journalist Stéphane Tan, at the helm, will be there to discuss with you the themes mentioned in the press review of this Monday, March 20.

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To read
Barça: Xavi puts Carlo Ancelotti in his place

In the program

  • Ligue 1: Paris without life and without desire, Alexis Sánchez carries OM!
  • La Liga: Barça’s victory against Real Madrid in the Clásico.
  • Juventus show a new face in Serie A

Many of you are expected to comment on all this with us. And do not hesitate to subscribe so as not to miss the next appointments on Foot Mercato’s Twitch channel !

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