“The player has changed his preference”: OM’s masterstroke?


Jules Kutos-Bertin


When I was little, I promised myself that I would have a job in line with football. Very quickly, I realized that my feet would not be enough to take me where I wanted so journalism became obvious.

“The player has changed his preference”: OM’s masterstroke?

Tracked by OM who need to strengthen their attack, Terem Moffi, who was very close to OGC Nice, is seriously considering the Marseille offer. For Daniel Riolo, this file was decanted by Pablo Longoria. The editorialist is even convinced that the profile of Lorient is perfectly suited to OM.

The folder Terem Moffi is far from over but theOM seems to have taken the right end. Promised toOGC Nicethe striker of Lorient began talks with Marseille earlier this week and pablo Longoria has moved up a gear. The Olympian president went to Lorient where he came to an agreement with the Breton leaders. Terem Moffi has not yet decided but theOM made good progress on this file.

“When Pablo Longoria takes on a file, the file moves forward”

A soap opera managed by Pablo Longoria, which appeals to Daniel Riolo. ” What we see once again in this story is that when Pablo Longoria takes on a file, the file moves forward. Because initially, what happened in this file? Moffi, actually ready to leave, was more tempted by the Nice adventure. When we said ‘he prefers to go to Nice’, it wasn’t, ‘he prefers to go to Nice, he doesn’t want to go to Marseille’, that’s not exactly how he should be seen. From the moment when Marseille really entered into negotiations, when Longoria started talking, both to Féry and to the player, the player changed his preference. And he no longer wants to go to OM “, declared the editorialist of RMC in After Football.

“He’s not a guy who would come from Lyon, where no one races”

There is a logic. Which is the one to take a player, who evolves in a club and with a trainer where the slaughter, the generosity the determination… The game of Lorient requires a lot of energy, where we run. We are in a collective where we make the effort and that is not going to change it. Since Tudor asks the same of its players. OM get a player who is immediately operational and who will immediately blend into the collective. He’s not a guy who would arrive from Lyon, where nobody runs and who would suddenly arrive at OM where you have to run a lot », adds Rioloconvinced that this profile will perfectly suit theOM Igor Tudor version. To be continued !

“The player has changed his preference”: OM’s masterstroke? 24hfootnews.

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