The OM star sealed a big transfer


As OM continues to fail in its quest for a new striker, the Marseille club has once again broken its teeth on the track leading to Terem Moffi. The FC Lorient striker prefers to join OGC Nice, and Eric Di Meco is not particularly surprised. The former Marseillais understands that Terem Moffi refuses to join a club in which Alexis Sanchez evolves in his position.

This winter, theOM chain the galleys on the transfer window. The latest failure to date, that of Terem Moffi who obviously prefers to join theOGC Nice. A choice that has caused a lot of talk but which does not surprise more than that Eric Di Meco who understands that the attacker of Lorient prefer not to be in competition with Alexis Sanchez.

OM miss Moffi

Little Moffi, respect for what he has been doing since the start of the season, but we do not know if he will make the mesh a notch above, that is to say in the Champions League where the OM hopes to evolve next season. This is not Lorient’s hope this season “, explains the former defender of theOM at the microphone of RMCbefore continuing.

“He may not want to wax the bench for 3 months”

We know very well that there is a gap between the Ligue 1 level, the European and international level. So we don’t know if he will have the level. Then we know that Nice has the financial means to tip the scales, and then sportingly it can be said that to play it will be easier. He may not want to polish the bench for 3 months at OM because there is Alexis Sanchez who is in the thick of it », adds Eric Di Meco.

The OM star sealed a big transfer 24hfootnews.

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