“The impression of suffocating”, Deschamps will have to negotiate a turn


After Hugo Lloris and Steve Mandanda, it was Raphaël Varane who decided to put an end to his adventure with the French team. The 29-year-old defender has announced his international retirement and will therefore no longer reappear under the orders of Didier Deschamps. The 2018 world champion has also explained the reasons for such a decision.

After Hugo Lloris And Steve Mandandait is another framework of Didier Deschamps who announced his international retirement. At 29, Raphaël Varane decided to end his career with theFrench team. Since his first selection in 2013, the central defender has only known Didier Deschamps at the head of Blues. He even convinced his coach enough to be one of the vice-captains of the team behind Hugo Lloris. Didier Deschamps will therefore have to fill the void left by his departure. The former of real Madridhe returned to the reasons that led him to make such a decision.

“The very high level is a washing machine”

I have decided to announce my international retirement so this date will necessarily be significant in my history, in my life. (…) What drives me to make this decision? I am someone who really gives 100%. That is to say, it’s really a passion, it comes from the guts. I sleep football, I eat football, I breathe football. I gave it all, gave it all. Physically, psychologically. But the very top level is a washing machine. We play all the time, all the time. We never stop. Right now I kinda feel like I’m suffocating and the player who’s eating the man ” told Raphael Varane at the microphone of Channel Football Club.

“At 21 I had already worn the armband”

The defender of Manchester United added : ” Proud of my career and of finishing the international career? Yes, I’m very proud, everything I’ve been through, I’ve been through it to the fullest. I will not change anything, when I see the young people who arrive at 22, 23 years old and who want to crunch the world. Me at 21 I had already worn the armband. It’s a chance to be able to choose to quit, to do it while being at your best and to feel like you’ve accomplished all there is to accomplish. Thank you for all these emotions, for the support, even if I will no longer play with the Blues jersey, our love story will never end (laughs). » Didier Deschamps will have to find his successor. The departure of Raphael Varane perhaps marks the beginning of a new era among Blues.

“The impression of suffocating”, Deschamps will have to negotiate a turn 24hfootnews.

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