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The IInspiration Discusses How Britney Spears and Eddie Guerrero Influence Them


Fightful recently conducted an interview with IMPACT superstars the IInspiration, where the current reigning Knockout tag champions spoke about how Britney Spears and Eddie Guerrero continue to influence their gimmick. Highlights are below.

Cassie Lee says Britney Spears and Eddie Guerrero inspired their new characters:

“Britney Spears, Eddie Guerrero. I mean, if you’ve been following what we’ve been doing it’s been this pop star vibe. Britney Spears was our inspiration, but we love that what everyone took from that was Harlem Heat—it’s tag team inspiration. I love that.”

On Eddie Guerrero:

“Especially, that was on the anniversary—that’s not a good thing—of his passing. Just all tied in, you know?”

Jessie McKay discusses taking inspiration from pop stars:

“Britney is a hard one to bloody top. Everything she does, I’m just like, ‘Damn.’ I literally send Cassie numerous photos a week saying, ‘I want to do this, I want to do this.’ But you got a shout out to Xtina.”

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