The huge warning from La Liga!


While the Blaugranas prance at the top of the championship, a new scandal taints the excellent results of Xavi’s team. Payments of money made by the Catalan club to a former referee indeed raise many questions.

Javier Tebas, Liga

FC Barcelona supporters will definitely never have a break. This Sunday, Xavi’s men won 2-0 on the Camp Nou lawn against Cadiz, the 19th success of the season. After 22 contested days, the Blaugranas are eight points ahead of their Madrid runner-up and are heading for the title.

But in Spain, it is not the exploits of Pedri, Gavi and the others that make the headlines. THE “Barcagate” is indeed on everyone’s lips. At the origin of this case, money payments made by Barça to José Maria Enriquez Negreira, former referee and former number two in Spanish arbitration between 1994 and 2018. As recalled RMCthe latter would in fact have intervened with the Catalan team to give advice on arbitration.

Javier Tebas puts pressure on Joan Laporta

If there is therefore no question of corruption at this stage of the affair, it was not necessary so much for the Blaugranas to attract all the media attention to them. Their opponents in La Liga obviously did not fail to use these revelations to attack their competitor.

This Monday, it was the president of La Liga who came out of silence. And Javier Tebas did not hesitate to put serious pressure on Joan Laporta. In the absence of clear and precise explanations, the president of FC Barcelona is simply invited to resign.

“If he doesn’t explain himself well or more reasonably, I think he should do it (ed. resign). He made superficial statements, saying that all football clubs were doing it. It’s a real issue to have ex-referees on the committee. This is a question that I would like to see clarified, even if it is very old”thus warned Javier Tebas during remarks reported by RMC.

The huge warning from La Liga! 24hfootnews.

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