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The Greatest Football Movie Ever Bracket: Part 9


On to round two, we’re in the Elite 8!

We wrapped up the first round of the football movie tournament. Here’s what we’re looking at right now, keeping in mind the totals of the last two matchups of the first round haven’t been totally completed yet.

We’re on to round two!

Let’s start with No. 5 “Friday Night Lights” versus No. 4 “Jerry Maguire.”

“Friday Night Lights” defeated No. 12 “The Express” with 75 percent of the votes. The high school football movie finished with 212 votes, far surpassing the true story about Ernie Davis’ time at Syracuse’s 69 votes.

“Jerry Maguire” narrowly defeated “Draft Day” with 55 percent of the votes, earning 155 of the 291 total votes.

Which movie will win this time? Will it be the the realistic high-school football movie or will it be the movie about sports agents that many of you said wasn’t even a football movie in the comments?

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