American Football

The Greatest Football Movie Ever Bracket: Part 8


It’s time to find out with a good old-fashioned tournament!

Finally, we’re at the last matchup of the first round. For this beatdown, we have No. 8 “American Underdog” against No. 9 “Remember the Titans.”

“American Underdog” is one of the most recent movies on the list and is based on the true tale of Hall of Fame quarterback Kurt Warner. It follows his story about the ups and downs of his career and just as his dream of playing in the NFL seemed out of reach, he gets a shot with the St. Louis Rams. Of course, Warner ended up winning a Super Bowl and was a two-time NFL MVP. Warner is played by Shazam!

“Remember the Titans,” also a true story, follows head coach Herman Boone, who has just taken over the job at a school in Virginia that was recently integrated. As black and white players play on the same field for the first time, race relations take center stage. Can coach Boone and his staff get a handle on the team before they tear themselves to pieces? Denzel Washington plays coach Boone in what is likely my favorite football movie from my youth.

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