the first criticisms fall on Erling Haaland


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He is the top scorer in all European leagues. He has already scored more Premier League goals (25) this season than he did last season with Borussia Dortmund in the Bundesliga. And yet, here is Erling Haaland criticized in England. Difficult exercise, but attempted by Jamie Carragher, former Liverpool defender and consultant for Skysportsfollowing the defeat of Manchester City on the lawn of Tottenham, after a frustrating match.

“I think we only saw 60% of Erling Haaland. He comes from a counter-attack championship (the Bundesliga, editor’s note). You saw its blistering pace there – we don’t see it here. He may have picked the wrong club to get the best out of him.”, launched Carragher. A feeling that was shared by some even before the start of the season. Can the Norwegian adapt to Guardiola’s style? Yes if we look at the statistics, no if we rely on the feeling of the match where [Haaland semble parfois totalement esseulé et pas dans les circuits de passe](Manchester City: the paradox surrounding the Erling Haaland scoring machine

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Kyle Walker steps up

Jamie Carragher developed his pitch. “We don’t see all of Haaland, City scored the same number of goals as last season. He put in 25, but City overall scored the same number. They’ve taken more and are easier to counterattack now. They are a different – and less good – team with Haaland in the squad. It’s not his fault. City will not play football without respite. This is not Pep Guardiola’s way. His players don’t have the energy or the power to play that way – they build slowly, push the opposition into their box and play from there. »

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Critics therefore descend after a poor performance outside, where Haaland struggles to score. He has only scored 2 goals in his last 7 away appearances. Far from being dishonouring, of course. Asked about the subject, Kyle Walker, the defender of Manchester City, wanted to defend his teammate. “It’s a process – he came to Manchester City and it’s a difficult team to break into, because the manager demands so much. It’s unique, Erling was fantastic. Nobody says anything when he scores goals and we win. All of a sudden now when we’re not winning and he’s not scoring they’re like ‘is that the problem, are we playing better without him?’ I hear it all the time. But nobody complained when he scored his 25th goal of the season. This is the team we have now until the end of the season. We will fight until the end. »

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