Tensions with Deschamps, Benzema makes a huge decision


Since withdrawing from the World Cup, Karim Benzema has had a bad relationship with Didier Deschamps, as evidenced by his messages posted on social networks. Invited by the FFF to participate in the return of the Blues after the cruel defeat in the World Cup final, the Real Madrid striker gave his answer.

The Karim Benzema-Didier Deschamps soap opera continues. By claiming that his striker was going to be too fair to take part in the world Cup and that he had therefore made the right decision by sending him home, the coach of the Blues has since been the target of mysterious messages from the Ballon d’Or who accuses him ofliarand who promises tospeak out for the people“. Symbol that their relationship is broken, Karim Benzema decided on his presence at the Stade de France this Friday for the tribute of the FFF to young retirees on the sidelines of the match The french team It front of The Netherlands.

Benzema declines the offer

The trend is clear for Karim Benzema. According to information from RMC Sportsthe striker real Madrid would have declined the offer of the FFF who had invited him to take part in the party next Friday at the Stade de France to pay tribute to retirees Hugo Lloris, Steve Mandanda And Raphael Varane, and of which it is a part. Obviously, “he’s not interested“, to use one of his phrases that have become famous on social networks.

“It’s a thing of the past for me”

His falling out with Didier Deschamps would logically be the reason for his non-appearance. This Sunday morning, for Telefoot, Didier Deschamps claimed to have turned the page: I am not in the controversy. I was brought to speak to say what had happened. It’s a thing of the past for me. What is important is what is in front of us with the 23 players selected and in whom I trust. The message got through.

Tensions with Deschamps, Benzema makes a huge decision 24hfootnews.

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