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Ted DiBiase Talks His Stint In NXT and His Work With Cameron Grimes: “It Just Kept Building”


WWE Hall of Famer Ted DiBiase recently spoke to Fightful about his short stint in NXT, and getting to work with rising superstar Cameron Grimes. Highlights from the interview are below.

How his involvement with Cameron Grimes in NXT led to multiple appearances for the brand and the return of the Million Dollar Championship:

“Well, Cameron Grimes, who in real life apparently does invest in the stock market and apparently he’s done very well. So, they just played off of that,” DiBiase began by saying. “They said, ‘Let’s just create a story. GameStop goes through the roof and he becomes this multi-millionaire over night and starts trying to be like me.’ But, storyline-wise, not doing a very good job of it. So, the first few weeks they just brought me in and each time I would one-up him. One of them was we would go in a jewelry store. He’d buy this really nice Rolex watch, right? I come up behind him and go, ‘Not a bad watch, kid,’ but then I hold up this diamond bevelled watch and go, ‘But it’s not a million-dollar watch.’ He goes berserk and I walk out the door. But when we first started it, I think I was gonna be there for four weeks or something. It just kept building, well let’s bring back the Million Dollar belt.”

On taking a real bump for LA Knight even though NXT suggested that security catch him:

“It’d been a long time and they didn’t want me to do that. The two bodyguards so-to-speak guarding the belt, they said, ‘You can fall back into their arms and they’ll catch you.’ I said, ‘Nuh-uh. I’m gonna do what I’ve done all my life, probably twenty to thirty times a night. The ring is a very good ring, I’m just gonna take the bump.’ But, I made sure I did it. I put everything I had into it. It’s kind of like the old man going, ‘I’m gonna show these old whippersnappers how you do it.’”

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