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Taz Talks How AEW Has Handled HOOK


HOOK, the son of Taz, has been wrestling for less than a year but is over with the fans because of his presentation. The promotion has also booked him strongly with a 13-0 record. 

While speaking to Joseph Staszewski of the New York Post, Taz discussed how HOOK has been portrayed on television.

“He’s gonna be handled different,” Taz said. “He’s unique. I can’t tell you what it is about him that’s unique, but I could tell you keeping him special means you’re not gonna see him every single week on TV. You’re not gonna see him where he’s constantly on social media or doing stuff like that. Good luck. I can’t even get the guy to return a text message.”

Taz continued, “We might not see HOOK for a little bit, but when he’s there, it’s something like, ‘Boom!,’ impactful, like what the hell just happened. That’s HOOK. That’s kind of what he is. A lot of people want more. You know what, last I checked, that’s a good thing.”

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