Surprise rookie, OM are preparing for disaster?


While the winter transfer window is still far from over, OM are preparing to announce the arrival of a recruit… for the summer of 2023. Indeed, Ivan Ilic is getting closer to an agreement with the Marseille club , but he could end the season on loan at Hellas Verona. A means of anticipating a future catastrophe? Explanations.

After Ruslan MalinovskyiI’OM are currently working to try to bring in another attacking player in this winter transfer window. But Pablo Longoria also sees the longer term. It was thus announced that the Marseille club would have almost completed the arrival of Ivan Ilic. Note that the Serb could however end the season at his current club,Hellas Verona where it would be loaned.

An arrival at OM in the summer of 2023

At theOM, so we are already preparing for the future. With this announced transfer ofIvan Ilic, Igor Tudor would therefore already have a guaranteed recruit for next season. A nice move for the Marseille club, but also a very interesting maneuver by Pablo Longoria.

OM soon banned from recruitment?

Indeed, theOM is currently still awaiting the response of the CAS concerning the file Pope Gueye. It is next March that the verdict will fall. And following the controversy over the transfer of the Senegalese, who had first agreed to watfordI’OM big risk. Indeed, there is talk of a possible ban on recruitment. Complete the transfer nowIvan Ilic would then anticipate this. To be continued…

Surprise rookie, OM are preparing for disaster? 24hfootnews.

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