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Stumble Guys is this fun game inspired by the iconic Fall Guys. It features adventures and battles in multiplayer mode, but one of the things that stands out the most about this game is its fun characters. These cute little colorful dolls that face different obstacle courses and their different skins or customization. Skins gives unique appearance characteristics, which can be based on animals, objects, professions, famous people or cultural references, each with its different way of obtaining them.

As such, skins are classified according to two criteria: their type and their rarity.


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Types of Stumble Guys Skins

The type of skin indicates the part of the body it covers or the accessory worn by the character. There are four possible skin types: body, head, face, and back.

  • Body covers the entire body of the character.
  • Head covers only the head.
  • Face covers only the face (obviously).
  • Back covers only the back.

You can combine one skin of each type to create a unique and original look.

Rarity of Stumble Guys Skins

The rarity of a skin indicates its value and how difficult it is to obtain. There are five possible skin rarities: common, rare, epic, legendary, and special.

With each increase in rarity, the price grows exponentially. Common skins are the cheapest and easiest to obtain, whilst special skins are extremely costly and difficult to get your hands on.

The rarity of a skin can be identified by the color of its border:

  • White for Common
  • Blue for Rare
  • Purple for Epic
  • Gold for Legendary
  • Red for the special skins

Some of the most popular Stumble Guys body skins are those that mimic other famous characters, such as Spider-man, Batman, Superman, Iron Man or one of the other beloved DC or Marvel superheroes. They also often feature characters from other franchises such as anime, Harry Potter, the Simpsons, Star Wars and many, many others. Sometimes, special Stumble Guys codes are issued that will get you unique skins from some of these partner franchises.

On the other hand, another type of skin that is very successful is the back skin, as it is the one that adds more functional extra elements to the character, these being the ones that give some kind of movement or effect, such as the jet-pack, parachute or the rocket when flying.

How to obtain and use Stumble Guys skins

All Stumble Guys skins are obtained in two ways, by completing missions or through the roulette system. The roulette system involves spending credits, gems or tokens to spin a roulette wheel that randomly awards a skin. There are no Stumble Guys hacks to get skins.

In order to use the skins, head over to the inventory system, select and equip the costume or item you want to use on your character.

To do this, you need to:

  1. Access the inventory, which is located at the top left of the screen.
  2. Choose the type of skin you want to change: body, head, face or back.
  3. Then, you can see the list of skins available for that type, sorted by rarity, and choose the one you prefer.

Additionally, you can even combine one skin of each type to create a unique and original look.


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How can I get gems for the roulette in Stumble guys?

There are two main roulette wheels, the common roulette wheel, which usually gives only common skins, and costs 50 gems, and the rare roulette wheel, which costs 90 gems and gives you the chance to win rare, epic and legendary skins. These roulettes are mainly paid for with gems.

Just like credits in any other game, gems can be obtained in a variety of ways: playing games, completing missions, participating in events, redeeming promotional Stumble Guys codes or buying them with real money in the shop.

Note: There is also the opportunity to spin the roulette wheel for free after seeing a couple of advertisements or at a special event.

Examples of skins and their characteristics

Here are some examples of Stumble Guy’s skins and their main features, such as their type, rarity, appearance and price.

  • Penguin: This is a common rarity of body skin, which looks like a black and white penguin with an orange beak and feet.
  • Cowboy hat: This skin is in the rare and head skin categories as it covers only the upper part of the character, although very stylish and pretty, it has no function beyond being a cowboy hat.
  • Jet-pack: This is a legendary rarity back skin, which looks like a grey jetpack with red thrusters.
  • Astronaut: A special rarity body skin, which has the appearance of a white astronaut suit, with a Stumble Guys flag on the chest.
  • Stumblestein: A legendary level skin that represents the famous Frankenstein monster from head to toe, only with a bit more tenderness in its design.
  • Anubis: One of their Egyptian mythology-inspired collections, this legendary body skin depicts the god Anubis in his entirety.
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