Street Fighter 6 Balance Patch Coming This Month


The first year of SF 6 has been a big success, and few characters feel particularly under or overpowered. It’s easy to forget we’ve mainly gone this whole time without a Street Fighter 6 balance patch though.

The game’s characters will finally be getting re-balanced soon. This will certainly change things up for fighting game esports events. The old tactics will need revisiting before the Capcom Cup returns with a fresh Pro Tour. When will we see the Street Fighter 6 balance patch release?

Street Fighter 6 Balance Adjustments

Source: Capcom

Street Fighter 6 Balance Patch

We’re moving into the second year of Street Fighter 6, and that means finally getting the balancing patch! Capcom has even started to hype the patch up like it’s a whole new release! In a recent drop of information, Capcom has shown off new outfits coming to Street Fighter 6. However, it also contained a trailer for a balance patch.

To players used to the non-stop patches of some games, releasing full trailers and hype for basic balance changes might feel weird. SF 6 has largely been in a static state for its existing characters for quite a while though. Capcom has been using a hands-off approach to balancing, only really fixing clear problems instead of just trying to balance Street Fighter 6 characters.

There’s already a decent number of changes we can see just from the trailer. For a start, there’s a big change coming to Drive Reversal. There are also some clear boosts to a few characters shown off here. The big thing with balancing patches is always in the details though. This early trailer is just a little peek at what’s coming!

Street Fighter 6 Balance Adjustments

Source: Capcom

When’s the Release Date?

The Street Fighter 6 balance patch is already scheduled. When exactly does it release though? It’s coming on the same day as Akuma comes to Street Fighter 6, May 22nd. Then we’ll be able to go through and see how the entire cast of characters has changed.

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