Stephen A. Smith is coming for Paul Heyman’s job


Stephen A. Smith is coming for Paul Heyman’s job
Photo by: Paula Lobo/NBC via Getty Images

The ESPN star says he’s just joking, but will be in WWE as soon as he gets an opening in his schedule.

It’s still not at all clear if there’s any plan for Stephen A. Smith to show up at WrestleMania 39 in April, or if it’s just a bunch of workers capitalizing on Smith’s involvement in the new Ric Flair documentary premiering on Peacock today (Dec. 26).

Flair was the first person to bring up the possibility of Stephen A. working ‘Mania in Southern California next spring. Paul Heyman encouraged fans dreaming of a mic battle between Roman Reigns’ special counsel and ESPN’s hot take artist. Now, Smith’s fired back at Paul E.


Like saying he wouldn’t take any bumps as a heel manager, Smith’s response to Heyman can be seen as evidence the First Take host isn’t quite ready for the professional wrestling business.

You can’t immediately dial back your trash talk, Stephen A! Heyman didn’t add “j/k” or “lol” after he said you were swimming in the Ocean of Obscurity!

Here’s hoping Naitch coaches Smith up before the day he does show up on Raw or SmackDown

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