Step into spring with the latest footwear


Spring footwear 2024

From the roads to the fells, there’s a great range of new and exciting shoes coming to the market this month

The trend for high-performance cushioning continues and we see highly responsive midsole foams appearing in all categories of shoes.

HOKA – Cielo X1 – £250.00

The latest racing shoe from HOKA takes things to the next level for the brand. The visually striking shoe oozes speed from the moment you pull it on!

The 40mm stack of cushioning combines twin layers of PEBA foam sandwiching a uniquely shaped carbon plate for a positively springy ride.

A softer layer of foam sits directly beneath the foot with the shaped plate providing both a stable and highly propulsive feel. A slightly firmer PEBA foam sits below the plate and creates a steeply angled geometry and forefoot rocker that when on the move provides one of the most propulsive rides we’ve ever experienced.

It’s the best road racing shoe to date from the brand and feels unlike anything they’ve ever produced before.

The Cielo is a little heavier than some of its competitors, but there’s a lot of cushioning here, making it a great marathon distance option. It also feels incredibly stable for such a soft yet responsive shoe meaning we’ve been logging lots of miles in it already. It’s a shoe you’ll want to wear all the time, such is the level of ‘energy-return’ it provides!

HOKA Cielo x 1

HOKA Cielo x 1

ALTRA – Via Olympus 2 – £145.00

There was a time when zero-drop shoes came with a more minimalist level of cushioning and Altra was one of the first brands to dispel this notion. Here, the Via Olympus 2 kicks those ideas into touch with a shoe packed with soft, plush cushioning and a 33mm stack height!

The EGO MAX foam midsole offers a luxurious level of cushioning and with a rocker-shaped geometry, it encourages a smooth transition from foot-strike through to toe-off. While a neutral model, the structure of the midsole and the manner in which it ‘cups’ the foot provide a very good level of support for a stable ride.

The Altra natural fit shape is present and allows plenty of room in the toe box for the feet to naturally splay.

All of this happens while the foot is cosseted in a plush fitting upper that’s probably the nicest we’ve experienced in an Altra to date.

For fans of the brand or those who have been waiting to try it, this model welcomes your feet beautifully.

Altra Via Olympus 2

Altra Via Olympus 2

INOV-8 – Mudtalon Speed – £130.00

A new model Inov-8 says has been 20 years in the making, the Mudtalon Speed feels like a refreshing reinvention of a shoe made for the mud.

Featuring a POWERFLOW PRO midsole that’s soft and responsive, with a BOOMERANG footbed, the step-in feel is soft and welcoming, then to tackle the muddiest of underfoot conditions the 49 (Yes, I counted them) 8mm deep studs provide one of the most aggressive grips we tried.

A flexible rock plate provides protection but allows the shoe to easily adapt to contouring and uneven terrain for a go-anywhere feel.

The shoe is available in two width fittings for a more precise fit or one which allows a little extra wiggle room.

For soft, wet conditions and where grip and comfort are essential this is a lightweight, high-performance model that excels in every department.

INOV8 Mudtalon Speed

INOV8 Mudtalon Speed

Puma – Velocity Nitro 3 – £110.00

While an additional 2mm of cushioning stack may not seem like much, when it’s the Puma Nitro foam, that extra volume gives a much softer and more responsive ride.

The Velocity Nitro has proved to be somewhat of a hit in recent years mainly thanks to the great value it offers. Here, the update is no different and despite being priced around £20 less than many competitors it competes with them equally when it comes to performance.

The Nitro foam sits atop a CM-EVA layer which provides a little stability and for a nicely balanced ride. The responsiveness of the foam shines through and makes for a lively and entertaining ride.

The upper is a lightweight engineered mesh and with the Puma PWRTAPE incorporated into the arch and lacing it hugs the foot in a supportive manner.

PumaGrip provides great traction as expected and is now known as one of the best outsole rubbers around.

The Velocity Nitro 3 is a great value shoe and one that’s most certainly worth a look for those seeking a versatile and durable running shoe.

Puma Velocity Nitro 3

Puma Velocity Nitro 3

Saucony – Triumph 21 RFG – £170.00 /

Saucony has partnered with CovationBio PDO to create a new version of its range-topping Triumph model powered by Susterra® Propanediol.

As billions of pairs of footwear are produced each year, Saucony is partnering with the bio-based brand Susterra propanediol to support a shared mission of reducing industry use of fossil fuel dependency.

The Triumph RFG is the first running shoe that uses 55% of Susterra propanediol in the midsole. Already known as a highly cushioned and responsive show, this version manages to retain those properties whilst being a more eco-conscious option. Manufactured using a corn-derived material, the Triumph’s PWRRUN BIO+ cushioning is made uses 55% corn-based foam to reduce the use of plastics.

The vegan shoe also contains recycled materials and has a lighter environmental footprint thanks to plant-based renewable materials used throughout the construction.

In the upper the cotton features plant-based dyes and the sole is derived from 80% natural rubber.

Whilst using these environmentally friendly components, the shoe feels as plush and exciting to run in as ever, making it a great choice for daily training miles.

Saucony Triumph 21

Saucony Triumph 21

Adidas – adizero Takumi Sen 10 – £170.00

The latest version of the record-breaking Takumi Sen shoe from adidas has been refreshed for even higher levels of performance. A dual-layer of the brand’s highly responsive Lightstrike Pro foam encases the latest EnergyRods 2.0, glass-fibre infused roads that run the full length of the shoe.

These rods provide a propulsive feel upon toe-off for a feel a little similar to a high-performance track spike built for the road.

A single-layer mesh is lightweight, highly breathable and provides a close fit while the Continental rubber outsole ensures great traction on the roads in any conditions.

The shoe is perfect for race day for those athletes not wanting the bulk or higher stack or many racing shoe offerings and provides a more aggressive feel of the road for out and out speed.

adidas Takumi Sen 10

adidas Takumi Sen 10

Scott – Supertrac Speed RC – £140.00

This lightweight fell and mountain racer from Scott is built for speed and traction. Weighing in at just 215g the shoe has a minimalist feel and construction to it yet the mesh upper and structured overlays provide support and structure to provide a fit that hugs the foot and holds it neatly in place.

The recent snow and wet winter conditions have proved a great testing ground for the shoe and it never missed a step thanks to the 6mm studs.

Despite its light weight the Cordura mesh upper and TPU bumpers make it a very durable shoe that protects the feet in uncertain conditions.

For high-speed performance and confidence-inspiring grip, it’s a great choice in any conditions.

Scott Supertrac Speed

Scott Supertrac Speed

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