‘Stefanos Tsitsipas learned a lot from last year’, says former ace


Although he knows that Novak Djokovic is on his way, Stefanos Tsitsipas believes that the time has come to be able to opt for his first Grand Slam title. The Greek tennis player, 24 years old and current number 4 in the world, is impatient for him to reach his semifinal match and to be able to maintain the sensations with which he reaches that instance in the Australian Open. In the semifinals he will face the Russian Karen Khachanov, a match that, although it looks complicated, it is expected that he can overcome without too many inconveniences. “I’m really looking forward to that match, it’s great to be back in the semifinals. I’m very happy with the way I’ve been playing so far. I want more, to improve. I want to live magical experiences here in Australia”, commented the Hellenic player. “I feel very good with my tennis, it had been a long time since I felt so good. I am a different tennis player, I play a different game, and my mentality is also different. When I’m on the track I don’t think about negative things, I just go out and play, ”he added in statements taken up by ‘Punto de Break’. Tsistipas insisted that he feels “very good. There’s a version of tennis where you’re exhausted after every match, where every single thing you try to do takes a lot of effort. There is another version where you do your job, but you enjoy it so much that it doesn’t matter if it’s exhausting or not.”

Henman comments on Tsitsipas

Stefanos Tsitsipas makes a perfect start to the season. Qualified for the semi-finals of the Australian Open, the Greek won his nine matches in 2023! On Eurosport, Tim Henman underlines a change of mentality at Tsitsipas, more motivated than ever after his eliminations in the round of 16 at Roland‐Garros, in the 3rd round at Wimbledon and in the 1st round at the US Open. “I was a bit frustrated last year because Stefanos won so many matches, being so consistent, but we felt that in Grand Slams, except at the Australian Open, it was a bit more difficult. I was saying that maybe he played too much, season after season, and that he also had to plan his goals. I think he learned a lot from last year, I feel like he wants to benefit from his experience and the lessons that come from it. We can feel that Stefanos has something different in this tournament. We feel that he really wants to go to the final of a Grand Slam. He wants to win, we feel it and he shows it,” noted the former world number 4.

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