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Staff Reactions to the Ravens’ 17-9 victory over the Atlanta Falcons


NFL: Atlanta Falcons at Baltimore Ravens
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Beatdown staff give their reactions to the Ravens’ 10th victory this season

Below are the reactions from the Baltimore Beatdown staff regarding the Baltimore Ravens 19-7 win over the Atlanta Falcons.

Fans have begged for the Ravens to ‘just run the ball’ for weeks. They got their wish (mostly) on one drive where the Ravens ran the ball on 11-straight plays and the offense went 62 yards downfield before capping it off with a receiving touchdown by wide receiver Demarcus Robinson. It comes as no coincidence the lone touchdown drive featured Gus Edwards and J.K. Dobbins leading the charge.

Along with the run game throttling their opponent, the defense flourished as they denied the Falcons on the goal line and held them to three field goals. This was a cold, hard-nosed game between two similar-built teams and the Ravens showed they can out-muscle them and punch their ticket to the playoffs. There’s a time for more critique, but Christmas Eve after a playoff berth and a win feels not the time. — Kyle Barber

The Ravens unsurprisingly won this game by playing strong defense and running the football well. They took advantage of a porous Falcons’ run defense and rushed 34 times compared to only 17 throws. Given all the different factors at play, that was the recipe for success.

Baltimore’s defense bent a little at times but pitched a no-touchdown performance with a turnover and two fourth-down stops. That level of defensive play will give them a chance in almost every matchup. — Frank Platko

The Baltimore Ravens defense hasn’t allowed a touchdown at home since October 23rd. Their defense has gotten them to ten wins with an incredible second half of the season performance.

Marlon Humphrey might’ve made the play of the year for Baltimore, forcing a fumble after a long Falcons gain on fourth down. If Baltimore’s defense can hold opponents under 20 points like they have in every game but one since acquiring Roquan Smith, they’re a tough out.

The Ravens offense simply needs to make a few plays in the pass game and they can win every week. Baltimore still got in their own way at times offensively in terms of play calling, but their defense stood tall to get the Ravens to their fourth double digit win in five seasons. — Spencer Schultz

It wasn’t pretty, but the Ravens did what they had to do to win the game. I don’t know how far their rushing attack and defense can carry them in the postseason, but right now all that matter is getting into the dance. Lamar Jackson is sorely missed in the passing game and will hopefully be back in time for the playoffs. Until then, Greg Roman just needs to continue to feed Gus Edwards and J.K. Dobbins.

Baltimore’s defense is capable of shutting down teams like the Atlanta Falcons, but I’m not sure how well they will fare against the top passing attacks in the AFC in the playoffs. — Dustin Cox

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