Speculation On Edge Being Pulled From Smackdown 1000


After Smackdown last Thursday, the WWE announced that Hall of Fame Superstar Edge would be appearing at Smackdown 1000 for an episode of “The Cutting Edge”.

Edge’s appearance on the show is now being called into question, and there’s a good possibility that he won’t be there. The announcement that the WWE put out regarding Edge appearing now redirects to the “shows” page.

While this doesn’t necessarily mean that Edge won’t be appearing, it should be noted that he isn’t being advertised to appear anywhere else by the WWE or the arena. In addition, the WWE put out a preview today and it made no mention of Edge.

Here’s the original announcement of Edge appearing:

Edge returns for a special edition of “The Cutting Edge” at SmackDown 1000
The Rated-R Superstar is coming home.

Edge is returning to host a special edition of his talk show “The Cutting Edge” next Tuesday as part of SmackDown’s historic 1000th episode.

The WWE Hall of Famer was responsible for many of the blue brand’s greatest moments, whether it was stepping up as one of the SmackDown’s premiere Superstars after the initial brand split in 2002, his unforgettable Money in the Bank cash-in on The Undertaker or running roughshod over SmackDown with General Manager Vickie Guerrero in his corner.

What will he have to say? Find out when “The Cutting Edge” returns during SmackDown 1000, next Tuesday at 8/7 C on USA Network!

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