Source brands X-Pac a “liar”


Sean “X-Pac” Waltman, John Cena insisted on putting Bray Wyatt over on Smackdown Live last week. X-Pac, who was visiting backstage that night, made the statement on last week’s episode of his show on AfterBuzz TV, X-Pac 12360.

However, sources have since told us that this story is an absolute lie, as reported on our latest DS Breaking News show, via our podcast, the “Dirty Sheets.”

In case you didn’t know…

When Bray Wyatt won the WWE World Championship at Elimination Chamber, in Phoenix, he did so after pinning the champion going into the match, John Cena, as well as AJ Styles. The very next episode of SmackDown Live saw Cena invoke his rematch clause, with Styles getting added to the match to make it a triple threat.

Once again, Wyatt pinned Cena, this time to retain his title. According to X-Pac, “It was Cena himself who insisted upon this.”

X-Pac said, “I’m not sure what the finish was supposed to be for the match … But I know this for a fact, that John Cena insisted on putting Bray Wyatt over again … insisted on it. That’s not just a rumor.”

The heart of the matter

Pinning Cena to both win and defend the WWE world title on consecutive shows is one hell of a way to get over. However, this was by the design of the writers and not by John Cena. Speaking to a source this week, they candidly stated that X-Pac had completely made up the whole story to put over his podcast.

The source revealed:

“X-Pac is full of s**t!” He doesn’t know anything. He just roams around backstage and sometimes offers ideas that nobody really wants or takes. Why the f**k would they pin Styles in that match? AJ Styles’ story is that he is owed a rematch that Shane won’t give him and they are moving Cena on to Miz. If they had Bray pin Styles it pretty much puts a big f**king hole in everything AJ is arguing about to set up his match with Shane. X-Pac is just trying to get downloads for his show! It’s complete bulls**t!”

What’s next?

As previously mentioned. Sean “X-Pac” Waltman appears on his own podcast on AfterBuzz TV called “X-Pac 12360.” He appears with the co-founder of AfterBuzz TV, Keven Undergaro. X-Pac tells stories about life and wrestling and occasionally interviews guests.

Episode 1 featured Scott Hall but guests vary from wrestlers, celebrities, and comedians. The show’s synopsis claims that X-Pac has known and shared many road trips, locker rooms, and life moments with these guests, with the show aiming for a ‘fly in the locker room, green room, or bar wal’ feel.

X-Pac will probably continue to make up lies and exaggerate stories, in order to get himself exposure on the internet and to boost the ratings for his podcast. Prior to having his own podcast, X-Pac would often appear on other podcasts, the Kayfabe diaries, Q & A sessions and various shoot interviews, where he would often exaggerate stories or make them up altogether.

His stories would often be inconsistent from platform to platform.

It appears that “X-Pac heat” is alive and well. For those unaware of what the term “X-Pac heat” means, where have you been for the last 20 years?

“Heat” is a term used in Professional Wrestling to describe any reaction to a wrestler and his gimmick/character. Face and Heel heat can make or break a character, while not getting any heat is the Kiss of Death in the wrestling industry.

Then there’s X-Pac Heat. This is when the audience boos and insults a wrestler not because they hate the character, but because they hate the performer. This is not a heel, a villain whom fans want to see punished; an X-Pac is someone fans don’t want to see at all.

It’s a very specific form of breaking Kayfabe by the fans and happens to be quite rare. Normally, it is possible to correct an unfavourable response by altering a wrestler’s character or shifting their position in the company. It is significantly harder to overcome X-Pac Heat; unlike The Scrappy, the audience is reacting not to an annoying character, but to a bad or overexposed performer.

This can be a bit difficult to find in media without a live audience or kayfabe. In short: if you Love to Hate the character, it’s Heel; if you just hate the character, it’s The Scrappy; if you hate the performer, it’s X-Pac Heat.

X-Pac seems to still be that guy that won’t go away. The most irrelevant member of the Kliq and the only non-Hall of Fame member of the Kliq, with the exception of Triple H, Waltman continues to go to great lengths to maintain his relevance. However, his relevance long diminished, as soon they invented the term, “X-Pac heat.”

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