Sol Ruca’s viral finisher gets a name



The Dec. 9 edition of Level Up generated as much buzz as any episode in the brief history of the show formerly known as 205 Live (which now serves as a kind of NXT to NXT, a streaming show where developmental talent can work longer matches and segments as they prepare/are evaluated for television time on Tuesday nights).

It was because of one move — Sol Ruca’s springboard backflip cutter. The former gymnast defeated Valentina Feroz with it, and a clip of the finish was trending on social media all weekend. Reports followed that WWE officials were thrilled with the reaction, but you didn’t need anonymous sources to know that…

Ruca (real name Calyx Hampton) told Fox News she was “shocked” by the reaction to the move. It was also in that interview we learned what the 23 year old from Ontario, California was calling her finisher… the Sol Snatcher.

WWE confirmed the name when she won her match against Dani Palmer on the Dec. 23 Level Up with it.

She hasn’t had an opportunity to bust the Sol Snatcher out on television yet, but I expect it’ll show up on USA Network in the not-too-distant future. The move might not be something Ruca wants to use every match — that could both limit its appeal and shorten her career. But I’m sure Triple H, Shawn Michaels & company are already working with Sol on those kinds of issues as they prepare her for the next level.

They’ve given a badass move a badass name, so they’re off to a good start.

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