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The Bloodline, despite Roman Reigns not being around for some time now, are still dominating the Friday Night SmackDown airwaves. They opened this week’s show in Sacramento, California to call attention to the fact that they kicked the crap out of John Cena last week.

Then, of course, a video to remind us of how it came to be that Cena’s tag team partner, AJ Styles, was taken out of the picture in an injury angle. Cena, then, was left to sign the contract alone and WWE has been promoting a 2-on-1 Handicap match.

While Jimmy Uso was cutting a promo on Cena, who they claimed was not there, calling him scared, a surprise — Karl Anderson attacked from behind, sending both Jimmy and Solo Sikoa packing. Now that Styles has been taken out, The Bloodline is O.C. business and he’s here to take care of it.

Naturally, Paul Heyman talked to Solo, who then talked to Jimmy in response to it — “you better handle this before I handle this.”

“I got you.”

Naturally, a match ensued. And, of course, Jimmy won that match in relatively short order, effectively dealing with what turned out to be a minor speed bump. Still, it’s good to see they did it if only for storyline continuity. Anderson needed to do something after last week, even if it meant getting destroyed like his stablemate.

And there’s story to go back to once Styles returns.

Michin, by the way, slapped the taste out of Jimmy’s mouth for what they did to Anderson, and it set Jimmy on the warpath backstage. He took out employees and then Ashante Adonis got caught up in it too. To circle it back around to the main story, Jimmy claimed this was taking out any potential partners John Cena may recruit.

That led to Cena finally showing up for the main event segment.

He promised if he could find no partner, he would go it alone. The Bloodline hit the scene to make clear they took everybody out and no one would be crazy enough to team with him.

Then, they played out the scene exactly the same as last week, right down to Cena getting the upper hand initially but losing it when he lifted Sikoa up for the AA and got superkicked by Jimmy. Only this time he had some backup.

And that led us right on into…

Your LA Knight segment of the week:

Oh hell yeah.

The pop was thunderous, he looked every bit like The Megastar headed for the ring and clearing house, and even though I knew it was coming it felt like a really big deal to see him sign on the dotted line to be John Cena’s partner for this match. It’s really happening, folks.

I need LA Knight vs. Roman Reigns sooner rather than later after this.

But this’ll do.

Santos Escobar cut a great babyface promo early in the evening during an interview with Cathy Kelley, speaking openly about never giving up on his dream to win a title in WWE and not being willing to give that up because Rey Mysterio, his friend and mentor, is champion.

“May the best man win.”

Later, Mysterio got his own chance to speak and he made clear he has nothing but love and respect for Escobar, knowing how hard he’s worked. That said, he expects the best from his opponents and so he gives his best.

“I’m giving you the fight of your life.”

When it came time for the match they were both getting cheers during introductions. Escobar did get booed just a bit during the match but they ended up getting the crowd right back by the sheer force of the great back-and-forth they put together.

Mysterio got a bit dinged up during a crossbody at one point but they told a good story otherwise, namely that they know each other well and were prepared for all the big shots the other could deliver. That’s how Mysterio emerged victorious too, countering Escobar’s finish with a rollup that got the three count.

It leaves the door open for another match down the road while putting the champion over and keeping the challenger fairly strong. This was really well done all around.

All the rest

  • Bobby Lashley was a guest on “The Grayson Waller Effect” and made it sound as though he was already breaking away from The Street Profits for the fact that they didn’t have the killer instinct he’s looking for, costing them a match last week. They attempted to protest and he told them simply to prove they want this the way he does. Later, Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins decided to prove themselves by attacking Mysterio and Escobar just after their match. This pleased Lashley enough to realign with the duo, and they collectively took out the LWO when the rest of the crew hit the scene to back up their boys. This led to a challenge for a match between the two groups at Fastlane.
  • Cameron Grimes got back on television this week, as fodder for Austin Theory to get a TV victory with Waller in his corner backing him up. They also shot an angle where Dragon Lee, who is set to act as a special guest referee at No Mercy, was ringside and got into a shoving match with Theory.
  • Jade Cargill was called one of the biggest signings for WWE in years on this show. “There is a storm coming for the women in WWE and trust me when I say, Jade Cargill is a game changer,” as Corey Graves said it. This, and how Cody Rhodes has been treated, has to have some wrestlers in AEW considering how they may be treated if they jump ship when their contracts are up.
  • Charlotte Flair called out Bayley for becoming a stepping stone and being happy to sit on the sidelines while Iyo Sky is champion. She promised to win their match and challenge Sky for her title at Fastlane. Sure enough, she beat Bayley clean via pinfall. After, Damage CTRL made like they were going to take Flair out collectively but Asuka made the save. She apparently asked for a triple threat match, and Bayley instantly accepted. Then, Iyo said she didn’t say that and seemed upset. Yet and still, issues with Bayley and Sky that never seem to go anywhere. We’ll see if that changes after this.

The usual from the blue brand.

Grade: B

Your turn.

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