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Silver Minings: The market for Derek Carr hasn’t materialized


Las Vegas Raiders v Pittsburgh Steelers
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The market for quarterback is dry at the moment

The Las Vegas Raiders‘ offseason will be about finding a new quarterback. However, they must find a spot for Derek Carr before the February 17th deadline when his contract is guaranteed.

This puts a lot of pressure on the front office of the silver and black. According to Albert Breer, Carr’s market hasn’t materialized, but the senior bowl should see a spark for negotiations.

“At this point, because there are still a bunch of head coach and offensive coordinator openings, and because the cap is still a moving target, the market for Carr hasn’t really materialized outside of conceptual conversations. As things advance, I’d think three of the NFC South teams (Saints, Panthers, Buccaneers) could throw hats in the ring, and maybe the Jets would, too (the Commanders and Colts are two others to consider, though they might be gun shy given their recent strikeouts on trades for second-chance veteran QBs).”

Dave Ziegler and the company haven’t given Carr a chance to seek a trade that has put them behind.

“My understanding as of right now is the Raiders have not granted Carr’s camp the ability to seek a trade. And even though there are the aforementioned teams out there with needs, dealing him before the Feb. 15 deadline—when his $32.9 million base for next year and $7.5 million of his 2024 money vests as fully guaranteed—won’t be easy.”

It will be an exciting week down in Mobile, Alabama. Ziegler will be making an appearance, and expect him to start making deals quickly during the next few days.

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