Shocking! The Messi clan insults Barca


The break is well and truly consumed between Lionel Messi and his former club FC Barcelona.

No, Lionel Messi has no desire to return to his old home. Those who had doubts about this could be convinced by listening to the words of his brother Matias on Wednesday. The latter affirmed during a Live Video that the seven-time Ballon d’Or will not return to play at FC Barcelona. At least as long as Joan Laporta is at the head of the Catalan club.

“Barça was nothing with Messi”

“I have a clipping from ‘Sport’ at home that says ‘Messi should return to Barcelona’, and I captioned it ‘Hahaha’. We are not going back to Barcelona; and if we did, we would do a good cleaning. Joan Laporta being one of them,” Matias Messi dropped live on Messi’s nephew Toni’s Twitch.

The Argentinian footballer’s brother claimed that “the people of Barcelona could not stand it. People had to go out and take a walk or something, to try to get Laporta out and Messi to stay. “The Spanish people are traitors. I’m telling you because I want him out of the trap and not listening to things that aren’t true,” Matias Messi added.

Leo Messi’s contract with Paris Saint-Germain ends in June 2023. He has still not signed an extension with the French club and FC Barcelona was delighted with the possibility of seeing their hero and best player of all time return.

However, according to Matias Messi’s words, PSG’s number 30 will not return to play at Camp Nou. The comments he made about Joan Laporta and FC Barcelona suggest that there is no possible comeback. He also spat on the crest of this club indicating that “no one knew Barça before Messi. Madrid was much bigger”. Insults, more insults. To believe that they are cultural among the Argentines.

Shocking! The Messi clan insults Barca 24hfootnews.

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