Sheamus’ Thoughts on Conor McGregor, Says Ronda Rousey Paved the Way for More MMA Stars


TMZ caught up with Sheamus and asked him his thoughts on Conor McGregor and Ronda Rousey.

TMZ: Would you like to see Conor McGregor, your fellow Irishman, some day in the WWE?

Sheamus: “I think anything is possible now with Ronda in the WWE. Ronda’s killing it, so the door’s open for anybody.”

TMZ: Has it crossed your mind about Conor joining you guys in the WWE?

Sheamus: “No, not really. When someone shows up they show up.”

TMZ: Could you guys (Sheamus & Conor) possibly be a great tag team?

Sheamus: “I don’t know. He’s in a different weight class than me.

TMZ: You guys could be the best tag team since The Rockers.

Sheamus: “I’m already in the greatest tag team with Cesaro in The Bar.

TMZ: How is Ronda doing?

Sheamus: “She’s doing great. She’s a great asset to the women’s division. She’s tearing it up. Anyone who brings eyes on the WWE. Anyone who brings attention and more people in seats, is a benefit to the WWE.

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