Shayna Baszler Reflects On Her Favorite Moments In WWE Thus Far


WWE star Shayna Baszler recently spoke with Argus Leader about all things pro-wrestling, including her favorite moments in the company since she signed back in 2017. Highlights from the interview are below.

Says she fell out of love with MMA and talked with her coach about transitioning to wrestling full-time:

I think my coach had recognized and I think, you know, in hindsight, I can admit it, I think I was falling out of love with MMA, I started losing fights I shouldn’t have. I didn’t feel scared anymore. You know what I mean? Like I just didn’t care as much as I did before, when I was younger in the sport. So we asked the UFC, hey, could she do some pro wrestling in between? Just to keep her busy and in shape and keep doing stuff, earn some money and they were like, ‘No.’ And so my coach sat me down and was like, ‘Listen, how about we step away and do this pro wrestling thing and see just a reset?’

Reveals some of her favorite moments in WWE, including becoming a two-time NXT women’s champion:

I think there’s two and I guess these kind of go hand in hand so obviously winning the NXT title was my first big, big moment. I think that’s it. That’s the one that’s most memorable to me. I’ve had other matches that I think I would rate better. I think on the flip side of that, I think when I lost the title to Rhea Ripley, that match is one of my favorite matches because the way we told the story and it’s so cool because I lose and the crowd, the fans are so happy that the bad guy lost and the good guy won that they stormed the ring.

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