Shayna Baszler Comments on Who The Real Four Horsewomen Are


Shayna Baszler was interviewed by Scott Fishman for recently. In the interview Baszler talked about the lineage of the NXT women’s title, trainers Josh Barnett & Billy Robinson, her match with Kairi Sane at Evolution, WWE 2K19, living with Mia Yim & Jessamyn Duke, and the Four Horsewomen. Regarding the Four Horsewomen, Baszler disagrees with fans debating that the real Four Horsewomen are actually Charlotte Flair, Becky Lynch, Sasha Banks and Bayley.

“Who doesn’t want to be at work with their friends? So, that’s awesome. We trained together in MMA, lived together in a fighter house and in California. This is business as usual for us. That’s my whole argument is that we lived together, trained and are an actual stable.

Everyone’s argument is that they’re not the Four Horsewomen because Charlotte is Ric Flair’s daughter. The Four Horsemen weren’t just four random wrestlers that made history, which is what they are. Four random girls that made history.

The Horsemen were a stable who had each other’s back and were a team. That’s what we are. You have Becky and Charlotte bickering over the title right now. They don’t know if they’re friends one day or another. I know right now if something went down here in the PC, it’s not going to be long before they’re in here for me. We are the actual team, so who is upholding what here?”

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